Immigrant Bengalis

‚ÄčDid you know that we have published a book, "Bengali Immigrants: Making America Home",containing 55 carefully chosen articles from our archives? The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

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One-of-a-kind collection of 50 fascinating life experiences narrated by

Bengali immigrants living in America

an introductory section with 5 informative overviews of the rich history of 130 years of Bengali immigration from the Indian subcontinent to America.  


All immigrants have many stories to tell about their coming to a new country and making it their home. Almost universally, these immigrants had to work very hard and make great sacrifices to succeed in the highly competitive country that is the United States. Most of the 500,000 Bengali immigrants now living in America had to go through many such struggles and sacrifices.

The 50+ true stories showcased in this collection reflect experiences from all walks of American life. Stories about student life in college campuses, and stories about experienced professionals arriving in New York with only a few dollars in pocket but no jobs in hand. Some stories are inspiring but some are depressing. There are episodes of hostility and racism, and there are episodes of kindness and heroism. The 30 authors have covered a very wide variety of situations, ranging from raising families, losing spouses, dealing with grandparents, facing betrayals, and organizing community events with other Bengali immigrants.

Through this unique collection of first-person narratives, the reader is sure to get an intimate understanding of the life of Bengali immigrants who call America their home.


"Bengali Immigrants: Making America Home"