Immigrant Bengalis


As Bengali immigrants settled down in their adopted homelands with jobs and careers, they had to address issues like finding and taking life partners, handling challenges of pregnancy and newborn babies, guiding children through their school years, and sending them off to colleges and universities. The articles posted under this section deal with such issues.

Here are the published articles related to this theme:

Terms of Endearment (Ruma Sikdar)
Me and My Mustang (Amitabha Bagchi)
Carrying the Family Torch (Sipra Chatterjee & Debajyoti Chatterji)
My First Mercedes Benz (Basab Dasgupta)
Untold Stories, Forgotten Lives (Alak Basu)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Waiting to Exhale (Rahul Ray)
Waiting for Nina (Subhash Nandy)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Culture Vultures (Rahul Ray)
There's No Place Like Home (Jayashree Chatterjee)
Cooking Lessons (Nupur Lahiri)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Baby Steps toward the Mainstream
 (Rahul Ray)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: "Chicken, Goat, Cheap" -- Haymarket Memories (Rahul Ray)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Multi-Colored Prism of NPR (Rahul Ray)
Suddenly Single (Tilottama Bose)
Life There ... and Life Here (Kumar Som)
Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Fun Game of Cricket -- Emperor of All Sports (Rahul Ray

Memorable Days in the Life of an Immigrant (Krishna Chakrabarty)

Grandparenting in the US (Jayashree Chatterjee)

Chance Encounters: A Girl Named Maria (Benoy R. Samanta)

Rainbow (Mekhala Banerjee)

Manoj Finds a Bride (A. Prabasi)

One Rotten Apple (Bani Bhattacharyya)

Happy Memories of Kindness (Bani Bhattacharyya)

Shades of Racism in the Sixties (Pronoy Chatterjee)

The Decision I Made (Bani Bhattacharyya)

A Handyman Is Born (Basab Dasgupta)

Valedictorian: Honor Denied (Bani Bhattacharyya)

Vancouver Journey (Bani Bhattacharyya)

Twice in America (Pradip R. Das)

Her New Normal (Indrani Mondal)

The Janitor and Me(Ranjana Sanyal)

Independence Day ​(Indrani Mondal)

A Town Full of Love (Tilottama Bose)

Meeting Gautama(Satya Jeet)

The Curious Case of Smokey the Bandit(Debajyoti Chatterji)

The New York City Cabbie(Rahul Ray)

The Talisman (Indrani Mondal)

Sketches from an Immigrant's Life (Satyajit Das)

The Story of An Ex-Smoker(Gautam Bandyopadhyay)

A Dozen Roses (Debajyoti Chatterji)