Immigrant Bengalis

Early Years.

The first few years of our lives as immigrants were full of memorable experiences, some surprising, some pleasant and some outright shocking. In this section we plan on featuring narratives of some of those early years' experiences in America:

Here are the published articles related to this theme:

1954-1956:Two Years  In the Village of Katonah, NY (Haimonti Chaudhuri & Debajyoti Chatterji)
In Deep South during Civil Rights Movement (Pronoy Chatterjee)
My First St. Patrick's Day in New York (Shyamal Sarkar)
Grades P or V (Debu Majumdar)
Of Pigeons and Sirens (Asit K. Ray)
Grad Student Life (Debajyoti Chatterji)
Goodbye to Wazzu and Mount St. Helens (Rahul Ray)
A Surprise, a Shock and a Relief! (Subhas Nandy)
Age of Innocence on the Wane (Subhas Nandy)

Memorable Days in the Life of an Immigrant (Krishna Chakrabarty)

Like a Cat that has Three Lives! (Subhas Nandy)

Unexpected Surprises Out West for a New Grad Student (Subhash Nandy)

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The California Traffic Police (Manisha Roy)

Vignettes of Life in Boston (Subhas Nandy)

My Fond Memories of NDSU (Hillol Ray)

Driving A School Bus (Basab Dasgupta)

Travails of a Culinarily Challenged Student (Amitabha Bagchi)

Job Search in America (Asok Baral)

Shards of Memory: Apartment Search (Benoy R. Samanta)

My Salad Days (Vishnupriya)

The Unforgettable Lady of My Early Immigrant Years (Amitabha Bagchi)

Early Lessons on American Values (Debajyoti Chatterji)

The Friendly Painter and My Introduction to Racism in America (Amitabha Bagchi)

Buy Low, Sell High (Debajyoti Chatterji)

My Changing Attitude to Advertisements (Amitabha Bagchi)

Fritters -- Warm and Crisp (Soumi Jana)

Midwestern Hospitality (Ramananda Ganguly)

Of Friendship And A Minor Miracle (Amitabha Bagchi)