Immigrant Bengalis

Should I stay in America or go back to India? How do I find a job in this country? What kind of jobs do I look for? How do I succeed in my chosen career? These and related questions are the subjects of narratives in this section.

Here are the published articles related to this theme:

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Wannabe Uttam Kumar (Satya Jeet)
Choice Forced to Make (Shyamal Sarkar)
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Meeting Opu (Satya Jeet)
Saluting George IV (Satya Jeet)
Texas Poker: Double or Nothing (Satya Jeet)
My Career as a Stand-up Comedian (Basab Dasgupta)
The Chinese School Psychologist (Ruma Sikdar)
Apple Pie to the Taliban (Satya Jeet)
Shades of My Definition (Bakul Banerjee)
A Turning Point (Amitabha Bagchi)
Learning from Experience (Prabir Basu)
Those Who Can ... Do (Satya Jeet)
A Hundred Miles Away (Satya Jeet)
Globe-Trotting for the American Dream (Ramananda Ganguly)
Expectation Setting: College Education in U.S.A. (Basab Dasgupta)
Three Careers Across Three Continents (Ranjan Mukherjee)
California -- Here I Come (Basab Dasgupta)

Like a Cat that has Three Lives! (Subhash Nandy)

Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Post-Doc Grind -- An Immigrant Scientist's Perspective (Rahul Ray)

The Name Game: Hazards of Hasty Americanization (Debajyoti Chatterji)

Norway or the Doorway: A Saga of Survival During an American Recession (Asit K. Ray)

Disabled (Bani Bhattacharyya)

Dittman the Hitman (Basab Dasgupta)

Days and Nights in Cambridge, Massachusetts: Death of a Dream -- America the Eternal Mousetrap (Rahul Ray)

Khatta Meetha (Satya Jeet)

Country Roads, Take Me Home (Satya Jeet)

My Munna Speaks Fluent English (Satya Jeet)

Dark Skies Over South Jersey (Satya Jeet)

Motherland and Fatherland (Asok Baral)

An Immigrant Reflects on the Mentors in His Life (Nitya Nath)

The Man in the Pick-up Truck (Ranjana Sanyal)

The "Kind Of" Girl (Utpal Sengupta)

Destined for the US by Way of West Germany (Shyamal Ghosh)

A Graduate Student in the "Cornhusker" State(Pradip R. Das)

A Lucky Guy (Satya Jeet)

Climbing Up the Ladder (Basab Dasgupta)

You Can't Go Home Again (Satya Jeet)

You Can't Go Home Again ... ... Maybe (Satya Jeet)

An Immigrant Woman's First Job (Bakul Banerjee)

You Can't Go Home Again, ... But I Beg to Differ (Satya Jeet)